Friday, 26 October 2012

On twitter...

I have mainly been using twitter to promote PentesterLab, and the more I think about it the more I think twitter kind of sucks to promote a brand (at least for PentesterLab :/).

Most of my content is divided into 2 categories:

  • blog posts;
  • exercises.

I don't really mind if someone misses one of my blog post, but releasing an exercise is kind of a big deal for me and a good way to get more attention on PentesterLab.

If you compare twitter to other media (mainly Facebook and a mailing lists), twitter gives you an easy way to promote things (just need to type 140 catchy messages), but don't really give you enough room for good content and smart ideas (not that I'm planning on having some). And a lot of people have already been on twitter for a long time and don't explore anymore.

As an example, when I released details on how to exploit the latest SQL injection in ActiveRecord, I had a decent amount of retweets, but someone who just tweeted: "LOL, RAILS" and linked the advisory got more retweets...

Twitter sucks for getting attention once people are already following you as well. When, for example, I tweet a new exercise, it's likely that it gets lost in the amount of content generated by other twitter users. In contrast to this, having a mailing list or a Facebook page gives you a lot more chance to get people's attention since they get notified when something new happens.

Another thing I was kind of upset at the beginning were people doing "RT: my message" (quoted retweet), I couldn't understand why people were doing that and it was hard to track the number of retweets. These people actually helped a lot since if people use the traditional retweet, your tweet won't show up in people that are already following you on twitter and you will be less likely to get their attention.

That why I re-enabled the mailing-list on PentesterLab, and hope you will start liking Pentesterlab on Facebook ;)

I haven't played around much with Google+, I just post there from time to time and don't really have any opinion on it so far.

Anyway, don't forget to follow @PentesterLab on twitter and to check our free exercises ;)

Finally, if you're interested by twitter and want to use it to search for information on vulnerabilities, you should definitely check Talkback mines twitter for over 20,000 accounts and attempts to filter out noise and returns trending it security research and news.