Friday, 31 August 2012

Fun at UNI

When I was at uni one of my favorite game was to mess around with computers...

This is a list of my favorite games:

  • "the toaster": during a course, ssh to all the systems and run eject in the same time on all of them. 
  • "computers are slow": instead of running Matlab on my system (which is really resources consuming), I always connected to another system to run it and keep some CPU on mine.
  • "fork bomb": a classic
  • ".bashrc": as soon as someone turned his head, chmod 777 his bashrc and modify it later: 
    • add alias (ls=sl, cd='echo "NO"'): a good way to learn how to use \command to avoid aliases
    • add exit
    • put some ASCII ART love and unicorns
  • ...

What about you? what was your favorite game?


Aris said...

The FS at uni was an insecure NFS. Of course the "toaster" was fun, but the funniest was to change the desktop picture of someone else to a goatse during a workshop, so he discovers it at same time as the teacher :)


Pierre Dittes said...

Back @ school I used a exploit for win2k to shut the systems down. But I only shut the systems with a odd network number down, so that everytime we entered the computer room for class a monitor was on, the next off etc etc...but nobody ever wondered why. And once I wrote 666 in binary with the monitors.

Anonymous said...

Get the embedded motherboard speaker to play tunez one beep at a time (using multiple PC's connected) and have the floppy drives make more noize. Fun stuff.

Occasionally we'd fork bomb servers

%0|%0 style...